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plus tax

  • Formal BidSettle demand letter
  • Electronic Signature
  • Includes delivery by registered mail
  • Includes the confirmation of delivery
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If a settlement is reached: 2.5% of the final amount per party

  • No direct contact with opposing party
  • Absolutely free if it doesn’t settle
  • Electronic signature
  • Out of court settlement is provided
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plus taxes
and court costs

  • Opening of case at the tribunal
  • Electronic signature of documents
  • Documents served by bailiff
  • Proof of court filing
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Lawyer (10 years experience) = average of $360 per hour in Canada*

2 to 3 day civil trial = average of $31 330 in Canada*

* Based on Canadian Lawyer

Demand Letter

A demand letter costs $50 per recipient (plus tax), at all times, no matter where the recipient is located in Canada. The payment occurs once the smartform has been filled out and that you have described your request.

Everything is included in the price: the demand letter, its delivery by registered mail, the electronic signature, as well as the confirmation of delivery.

Online Negotiation

If your dispute is settled: 2.5% of the settled amount, per party, plus applicable taxes. If it doesn’t settle, it’s free!

You can make as many offers and counter-offers as you want!

After you pay the 2.5% transaction fee, BidSettle automatically generates an Out of Court Settlement Agreement.

It’s much cheaper than going to court!

If you can’t agree, you pay no fee!


You purchase a house and unfortunately discover a hidden defect as the foundations are severely cracked. You register: free. You make as many offers and counter-offers on the website: free. You request $1000 (confidential offer that opposing party cannot see) and the opposing party counter-offers at $3000 (also a confidential offer).

Payment: the offer and counter-offer overlapped so BidSettle’s algorithm makes both offers meet halfway and generates a Settlement Agreement at $2000. You must then pay the $50 (plus tax) transaction fee to BidSettle (2.5% of $2000) and the opposing party shall pay the exact same amount.

You will then receive your Out of Court Settlement. In this example, the opposing party will also have to pay you $2000. You will also receive proof that the opposing party accepted to pay you this amount in order to settle the dispute.

Legal Action

The legal action costs $100. Taxes and court costs are not included in the price.

Your documents served by a bailiff, initial court filings, necessary mailings and the delivery of your evidence and documents are included in the price.