Demand Letter



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Why Send a Demand Letter?

  1. To encourage the opposing party to settle the dispute.
  2. To get what you’re owed!
  3. To stop a behaviour that is causing you problems.
  4. It’s 10 times cheaper than services provided by a lawyer*.
  5. It takes 10 minutes, from the comfort of your own home.
  6. It’s safe and non-confrontational (no contact with the opposing party).
  7. The demand letter is the first step if you intend on taking someone to court.
  8. If you’re seeking an amount of money, the demand letter serves as the date upon which interest on the amount starts to accumulate.
  9. * Based on Canadian Lawyer

Included in the Service

  1. Formal BidSettle demand letter
  2. Electronic Signature
  3. Includes delivery by registered mail
  4. Includes the confirmation of delivery

How it Works

  • 1 | Register

    The party that sends the demand letter, the “Sender”, must register.

  • 2 | Fill in the Demand Letter’s BidSettle SmartForm

    The Sender must fill in the smartform by answering questions and adding information himself. A demand letter will be automatically generated according to the content that was provided by the Sender. Don’t forget that the Sender is entirely responsible for the content of the demand letter.

  • 3 | Pay

    The Sender must pay the $50 per recipient, plus tax, transaction fee to BidSettle.

  • 4 | E-Sign the Demand Letter

    The Sender will then be redirected to a platform that allows BidSettle to verify your identity. You will then have to accept the Terms and Conditions of BidSettle and sign electronically. This signature will appear on the demand letter. At this step, you will need your mobile phone, as an access code for the e-signature software will be sent to it by text message.

  • 5 | We Send your Demand Letter

    The demand letter will be automatically be sent to the Recipient(s) by registered mail.

  • 6 | You Receive the Confirmation of Delivery

    As soon as the Recipient receives the demand letter, BidSettle will send the confirmation of delivery to the Sender. The Sender must keep this proof in a secure location as without it, the demand letter will lose its value.

Example of a Demand Letter

    Here is an example of a demand letter that was automatically generated by BidSettle’s smartforms.

    Learn more about demand letters:

“ is a commendable initiative for people who intend to settle their non-complex lawsuits at little cost and this project fits well into the new judicial culture.”

The Honourable François Rolland - Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec from 2004 to 2015